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Students GIVE A DAM

The students of Blue Mountains High Schools are gathering at Town Hall today to not only speak out about climate change, but also the plight of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area which is under threat from the rising of Warragamba Dam wall.

Arliah Varnel, Katoomba High School Captain said today: "For us, striking for climate and our local environment shows Governments that even though we can't vote, students will keep fighting for what is right."
"To see such an culturally and environmentally destructive dam proposal being pushed by the NSW Government once again demonstrates how out of touch our leaders are with protecting the earth for future generations.
"Today, I will be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with my fellow students saying we GIVE A DAM about climate change and our world heritage backyard!"
Harry Burkitt of the GIVE A DAM Campaign said: "Having high school students standing up for the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area is one of the proudest moments for the GIVE A DAM Campaign.
"The students of Katoomba High know all to well what raising Warragamba Dam will mean for their local environment and tourism industry - and they don't want it to happen.
"With the NSW Government resorting to using the Climate Change Fund to bank-roll this developers' dam, it just goes to show what little regard the Berejiklian Government has for tackling climate change."

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