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Destination Pagoda the movie

The Colong Bulletin

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In this edition:

  • Moffitt's celebrated at Lithgow State Mine Museum
  • Meeting dates
  • Climate change responsibility
  • Nature needs half
  • Blue Mountains World Heriage in Crisis
    • The Colong Foundation brings Warragamba Dam before the World Heritage Committee
    • No Dams policy under threat
    • Consensus ban on mining in World Heritage Areas at risk
    • The 4Nature -v- Springvale Court battle 
    • Protecting natural quiet from aircraft noise
  • Testing times for Environment Minister Kean
  • Featured wilderness - Tuross
  • National Parks converted to plantations
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In this edition:

  • Destination Pagoda – wins support
  • Meeting dates
  • Rescuing the Wilderness, Book Review
  • How do you GIVE A DAM?
  • Raising Warragamba Dam wall has to be stopped!
  • Giving a dam - year 12 student viewpoint
  • Guy Fawkes - featured wilderness
  • Katoomba airfield development plans
  • Stop logging public native forests
  • Scientists stand firm on effective and humane culling of feral horses
  • Milo Dunphy on not compromising
  • Privatising national parks and the loss of wilderness
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In this edition:

  • Nature Report NSW
  • Lithgow’s conservation unionists remembered
  • How do you GIVE A DAM?
  • AGM & Launch of Destination Pagoda
  • Centennial Coal’s plan to fix the Wollangambe River
  • Singleton Army Base brumby cull
  • 21st Century Wilderness
  • Rescuing the Wilderness
  • Burning forests worse than burning coal 
  • Rainforest to racetrack, down the Illawarra Escarpment
  • Leak inquiry discovers water losses from Sydney’s drinking water catchments
  • Congratulations Harry Burkitt – our young environmentalist of the year

Launch of Destination Pagoda and Annual General Meeting 

On Tuesday April 16th from 6pm at the Mitchell Theatre, Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts, Level 1, 280 Pitt Street, Sydney, Tom Zubrycki, Award winning documentary maker, will introduce the Sydney premier of his new work Destination Pagoda that tells the story of the Gardens of Stone campaign and how the future of this spectacular region hangs in the balance.

Guest speaker Ian Brown, adventurer, climber and respected park management consultant, will outline the potential of the Gardens of Stone as a world-class tourism and conservation reserve. 

Light refreshments will be served afterwards and then Colong Foundation AGM will be convened at 7.15pm.

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In this edition:

  • Heritage Horse Act is causing suffering
  • Flooding World Heritage for floodplain development just plain dumb
  • Honouring wilderness 
  • Goodradigbee – Featured Wilderness
  • Lithgow can be the new Katoomba 
  • Grasslands in peril 
  • NSW Government’s record on the environment
  • Re-imagining wilderness
  • Falls-Hotham Alpine Crossing approved 
  • The Language of Fire

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