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Join the Colong Foundation to become part of an organisation committed to promoting the conservation of wilderness

If you wish to just make a donation without a membership payment then Just Donate'.

Your membership will

  • Enable you to become part of an organisation actively supporting wilderness conservation
  • Involve you in communications regarding wilderness risks and efforts to encourage biodiversity and preserve wilderness

Your financial support will

  • Fund campaigners. Campaigners make the case for conserving natural places and advocate for projects, development and management systems to better consider wilderness conservation
  • Enable the promotion of the benefits of wild places, biodiversity and conservation
  • Fund research into wilderness impacts. This research is used to make a case for improved¬†conservation of wilderness areas
  • Fund communications on current risks to the wilderness
  • Make the case for better frameworks for the protection of wilderness. Whether these be legal, management or values-based frameworks

If you use the same email address as for previous memberships your membership will be extended. This includes if you update your membership multiple times in the same year. Update early and update often.

Join the Colong Foundation

By becoming a member of the Colong Foundation you are actively championing the values of our precious wild areas. We are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (our Charity ABN is 84001112143).

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