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GIVE A DAM takes campaign to Paris

GIVE A DAM will be taking its fight against the raising of the Warragamba Dam wall to UNESCO this week. GIVE A DAM Campaigner, Harry Burkitt, will be leading the trip and meeting with member delegations of the World Heritage Committee in Paris over the next two weeks.

The member delegations of the World Heritage Committee will be fully briefed on the natural and cultural sites that would be destroyed from raising the dam wall. A State of Conservation report, World Heritage Monitoring mission, or the placing of the Blue Mountains on the world heritage ‘at-risk’ list are all actions available to the Committee which would send a strong message to the Australian Government. Such actions would likely be actioned at the Baku meeting of the committee later this year.

GIVE A DAM Campaigner, Harry Burkitt, said: “If the Australian Federal Government allows the NSW Government to continue down their destructive path of flooding a world heritage site, UNESCO will rightfully come down on Australia like a tonne of bricks.

“The federal government will be asked to decide over the dam proposal in the coming months through federal environmental laws. Federal politicians should be listening to the thousands of Australians opposing this project and rule out supporting the proposal before international bodies step in.

“NSW Labor have already given a firm commitment to oppose the dam plan. It is now time for the federal ALP to pull their finger out and stand alongside their NSW counterparts in protecting Australia’s world heritage.”

Media contact:

Harry Burkitt
+61 490 010 909
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Available for interview.

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