Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Colong is a champion for Nature Needs Half

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A million species are threatened by extinction today (IPBES 2019) and by the year 2100 – without action – we are likely to lose half (or more) of all species (Wilson 2003). Society is thus bankrupting nature. However, a key vision has come forward to turn this around, called ‘Nature Needs Half’ which aims to: ‘protect 50% of the planet by 2030, turning the tide in favor of Earth's life support systems and transforming society's relationship with nature, one ecoregion and country at a time’. A key part of the Nature Needs Half vision is to protect all our remaining wilderness areas around the world. If we only protect 10% of nature then we lose 90% of species!

90% Habitat loss means 50% of species survive

If we protect half of all lands however we will keep 85% of the world’s species into the future.

Nature needs half at 50% 85% of species are saved

This is one of the best things we can do to stop the extinction of the wondrous diversity of life on Earth. The first step in Nature Needs Half is protecting all our remaining large natural areas (what the IUCN defines wilderness as). In Australia we are still a long way from protecting all our wilderness. Colong is committed to doing this as part of the Nature Needs Half vision. Of course we also support the need for connecting corridors to link our wilderness together, plus we support the need for rewilding areas (wilderness restoration). For more information on Nature Needs Half and also and


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