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Alex Colley provides his vision on a sustainable future (softcover 90pgs).

Colong Bulletin 222 BOOK REVIEW by Samantha Van


Our society’s obsession with growth is detrimental to the planet and all its inhabitants. It’s ‘business as usual’ – where profits come before people and the environment – with governments, businesses and individuals.

Alex Colley’s new book Sustainability details the problems of continued economic growth. He offers a plain speaking, step-by-step description of our problems – some of which, if not most, are self inflicted – starting with the growth obsession and including consideration of water, air, waste and
transport. Sustainability should be required reading, not just for anyone wanting to learn more about global environmental issues, but anyone. Colley offers much wisdom. He uses many sources yet he enlightens the reader with only necessary facts and figures. the only ‘burden’ he assertively
places upon readers is knowledge, and with that, an impetus to take action. While Colley describes our problems, he also provides solutions. Public opinion seems to prefer the government to assume responsibility for the environment. that is, by legislating and providing incentives, such as providing rebates for rainwater tanks.

However, governments often act in their own perceived interests, like other bodies and individuals.
Australia and the Us are the only countries that failed to sign the Kyoto agreement. Prime minister John Howard says that he won’t commit to anything that would hurt the economy. this line of argument simply illustrates that individuals must pressure governments to act beyond economics.
Colley argues that Australia, which is the world’s leading emitter of greenhouse gases per capita, needs to set an example in order to influence world opinion

Copies of Alex’s new book are available from the Colong Foundation for $20.00, incl. postage.