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Upland Swamps in the Sydney Region

Ann Young's upland swamp research spans four decades. In her new book, Ann presents scientific evidence in a clear, readable format that will inspire work for the protection of those swamps that remain.

Ann has unravelled the complex issues surrounding upland swamp conservation into logical threads. Due to the efforts of scientists and conservationists upland swamps on the sandstone plateaus around Sydney are listed as Nationally Endangered Ecological Communities, but that has not protected them!

Upland swamps are not only endangered, they play a vital role in ensuring pure water flows during drought periods to support life, not only in pristine bushland catchments but also to quench the thirst of millions of Sydney residents. Yet many swamps have been lost, while others remain on the brink of destruction. 

Swamps are where the loss of surface water is first occurs when intensive coal mining moves into a new stream catchment. It can even happen when mining is kilometres away. Longwall mining damage to Sydney's water catchments, and in particular to upland swamps, threatens the enduring benefits of fresh drinking water of the highest quality that Sydney residents assume as their birthright. This book is an excellent review that establishes a strong case for protecting these 'canaries above the coal mines.' 

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