Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

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by Geoff Mosley

This authoriative hisitorical account describes the campaigns that established national parks thoughout Australia. This book will appeal to those who are interested om Australia's wilderness, national parks and the political history of nature conservation.

Dr Geoff Mosley explains why (Royal) National Park should be granted World Heritage Listing (242 pgs).

The Gardens of Stone visitors map has been created to showcase the area and provide visitors with a guide to some remarkable and accessible areas. Many new attractions to visit are described.

The meticulously researched, beautifully written book on wilderness by Peter Prineas with photographs by Henry Gold (285pgs).

***Special Price***.
The index describes the land ownership, values, history and threats to NSW wild places (500pgs).

Alex Colley provides his vision on a sustainable future (90pgs). Colong Bulletin #220 Review

Selected writings from an "extraordinary man who did more for bushwalking and the cause of conservation than any other individual in Australia." - Paddy Pallin AM (218pgs).