Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

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TAKE ACTION or essential federal powers over the environment will be handed to the states. Last week, thirty-three UN Environment Program Global 500 Laureates delivered Prime Minister Gillard a letter urging her not to abandon national environmental protection (for more info, see HSI letter). Its time you wrote too.

As you all know the federal and state governments, in bed with the mining industry and big business, have a “Master Plan” to wind back essential environmental protection laws right across Australia.

We must take action now to stop important and essential federal approval powers being handed to the states.

Federal protection for threatened species will go. This will mean, for example, that the Federal protection of the upland swamps in the Gardens of Stone would be delegated to the NSW Government’s regulators who allowed their destruction! 

You know that in NSW nature is under attack more than ever before. The threats to our land, water and wildlife in New South Wales from development will get worse if Federal powers are handed to the NSW Government.

History has shown us that state governments often put development before protection of iconic natural areas:

  • It was the Federal government that stopped oil rigs on the Great Barrier Reef.
  • This year cattle grazing was stopped in the Victorian Alps by Federal environmental laws but now cattle farming is to be legitimised in the River Gum National Parks in NSW under a state law.
  • The majestic Franklin River flows wild and free but the Kowmung River could be drowned by the Infrastructure NSW’s plan to raise the Warragamba Dam wall by 23 metres.
  • A new coal port in the pristine Shoalwater Bay wilderness was stopped by Federal environmental laws but the NSW Government has for thirty years done nothing to stop the Clarence Colliery’s pollution of the Wollangambe River in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

Don’t let the Federal government walk away from its environmental responsibilities. In the face of the onslaught on the environment by various state and territory governments around Australia, Federal environmental laws must be strengthened to safeguard Australia’s natural heritage for future generations.

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