Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

2019 News

24 Dec 2019
October, 2019 is nineteen years since an aerial horse cull humanely shot 606 horses over three days in Guy Fawkes River National Park. The precursor conditions to this cull were drought, extensive bushfires, and ineffective mustering which resulted in the deaths of at least four horses and the reported suffering of many others.
2 Dec 2019
by Judy Smith, Peter Smith and Kate Smith published by P&J Smith Ecological Consultants softcover $40.00, including postage when purchased through the Colong Shop 172 pages, soft cover, two locality maps, over 200 colour photos and 20 illustrations.
9 Oct 2019
by Keith Muir "We need to not spend years consulting on the environmental impact and how communities feel about where we put dams," the Nationals leader John Barilaro told The Daily Telegraph last September. According to Deputy Premier Barilaro, NSW must build more dams to drought-proof regional Australia – but far more than a few frogs will die; these proposals will inundate entire communities and wilderness areas.
20 Sep 2019
Republished:       19 SEPTEMBER 2019 (see also - Colong is a champion for nature needs half) The world's wilderness areas, where human impact is absent or minimal, halve the extinction risk of biodiversity compared to areas outside wilderness, according to a new Nature journal paper.
14 Aug 2019
Haydn Washington, Yuri Bolotin, Aunty Helen and others present the unique and internationally significant pagoda landscapes in Gardens of Stone - Living Landscapes. The unprotected forests of Gardens of Stone beside Lithgow are proposed for protection in a State Conservation Area.  Produced by Tom Zubrycki.
22 Jul 2019
Don't forget to join us this Wednesday night as we present the Underfrog documentary in a night about the ecological impacts of feral horses in Kosciuszko National Park. Created by ecologist and filmmaker Harrison Warne, Underfrog journeys into Kosciuszko National Park to uncover ecological impacts of feral horses on our Australian Alps. Horses are having a huge impact on both the landscape and the species found within Kosciuszko National Park, many of which are found no-where else on the planet.
3 Jul 2019
My name is Bob Debus and I represent the Colong Foundation for Wilderness.   In the year 2000 however, I was Minister for Environment in the State of New South Wales with responsibility for National Parks.   I supported the Commonwealth of Australia in its successful nomination of the Blue Mountains for World Heritage. Consistent with World Heritage Committee principle, I passed legislation to forbid any further increase in the area then inundated by the Warragamba Dam. It was repealed last year.  
3 May 2019
VANCE G. MARTIN, president of the WILD Foundation, cochair of the Wilderness Specialist Group (IUCN) and editorial board of International Journal of Wilderness has favourably reviewed Dr Geoff Mosley's new book - Rescuing the Wilderness... He writes:
7 Apr 2019
Access the Destination Pagoda summary and report from the Gardens of Stone site from 6pm Monday 8th April.
14 Feb 2019
Lithgow’s main tourism potential lies in its beautiful, internationally significant pagoda landscapes.