Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

2018 News

26 Nov 2018
Exhibition has ended Use the webform to make a your email submission objecting to the conversion of this small rainforest reserve into a bike park with many constructed bike tracks. Submission Deadline extened till Friday 21 December.     Proposed maze of Bike Tracks at Mt Kiera - from the Bike Concept Plan
16 Nov 2018
The NSW government’s decision to provide protection for an invasive species achieves no desirable outcomes, only acting to appease the minority interest, pro-brumby lobby. The Reclaim Kosci Fact Sheet outlines the stark difference between ten truths and myths regarding feral horses in Kosciuszko National Park.
2 Oct 2018
A letter has been sent to the NSW Premier by over 20 prominent scientists, park managers and former environment ministers condemning legislation to allow dam inundation of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Signatories include former Australian Environment Minister Peter Garrett, UNSW ecologist Professor Richard Kingsford, businessman and environmentalist Geoff Cousins and former NSW Environment Minister Bob Debus.
3 Sep 2018
Re-imagining wilderness: finding soul in a dystopian world pdf Andy Macqueen really did present challenging ideas about perceptions of wilderness. Listen or watch youtube Well done Andy!
17 Aug 2018
Concerned about feral horses in national parks? Now here’s something you can - get involved 
4 Aug 2018
Upland Swamps in the Sydney Region by Ann Young, 144 pages, 59 illustrations and 12 tables  - available now as a PDF download - RRP $10 available direct from Dr Ann Young 
24 Jul 2018
Alex Colley* Symposium 2018 Andy Macqueen author, Friend of the Colo, former president of Bushwalkers NSW and a keen supporter of community-based nature conservation efforts will give this year’s address entitled
29 Jun 2018
The NPWS has been forced to exhibit plan of management amendments to permanently allow horse riding in four declared wilderness areas even though there is little interest in riding in these rugged areas. The NSW Government's political decision on horse riding in wilderness areas was part of the "Heritage Horse" deal with National Party. 
18 Jun 2018
The Snowy-hydro scheme, the largest engineering project ever undertaken in Australia, covers Kosciuszko, the largest national park in NSW, with 16 dams, hundreds of kilometres of roads, 80km of aqueducts, many pipelines, power plants, tunnels, associated large rock waste heaps, and vast numbers high tension electricity transmission lines cleared through sensitive subalpine woodlands.
3 Apr 2018
Sunrise over Mount Hay, Grose Wilderness, Henry Gold
16 Mar 2018
Your'e invited to the Colong supporter night - Thursday, 22nd March 2017, from 5.30pm  Nature Conservation Council offices, Rooms 1-2, Level 14, 338 Pitt St, Sydney Directors Sierra Classen, Alex Allchin and Wild Rivers Campaigner Harry Burkitt invite you to a night of wine, juice and pizzas! 
14 Feb 2018
Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs), signed twenty years ago, give security for companies to log publicly owned forests. The NSW Government is now jamming through on-going, virtually perpetual RFAs with weaker environmental protections. There's a consultation process now on, but you’ll have to be quick! National Parks Association of NSW has prepared a submission letter and a submission guide. Please make a submission, as every objection counts.