Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

2017 News

22 Dec 2017
The NSW Government's Draft Biodiversity Conservation Investment Strategy 2017-2037 proposes public investment in private land conservation. The Strategy faces a politically uncertain future as it is underpinned by a government’s investment promise of $240 million funding over five years, with $70 million in ongoing annual funding subject to performance reviews.
4 Dec 2017
A special thank you to all 1644 objectors who wrote to the Planning Assessment Commission opposing Manildra's Invincible mine proposal to restart open-cut mining in the woodlands of the Gardens of Stone.  Manildra says it needs to get the “Invincible” mine restarted to run its ethanol plant efficiently, but the Australia Institute has revealed that over 80% of the value of the proposed mine is coal for the Mt Piper Power Plant. 
27 Nov 2017
The Rock Gardeners The Gardeners of Stone guard the temples of doomWhere the rocks wind and bend in a mist laden room.They tender the haven of many a delightWithout trowel or shovel, just stealth in the night. We are the Gardeners, in the Gardens of Stone Gardens of treasure, Of nature alone. Across these pagodas things move every which way, As nobody intended; so The Gardeners say.
26 Nov 2017
Banner event, Sunday November 26th was a great success held at the top of the hill, State Mine Gully Road, via Lithgow, in Newnes State Forest Awareness of the Gardens of Stone reserve proposal was raised and another spectacular pagoda-studded location explored. 
13 Nov 2017
Could you please take action to help fight off open-cut coal mining in the Gardens of Stone region at Ben Bullen State Forest 25km north-west of Lithgow. Manildra's  - a starch and ethanol company that has no real business in coal - wishes to restart the twice rejected Invincible open-cut mine in the Ben Bullen State Forest. It has set up a subsidiary, Castlereagh Coal, to push this proposal through.
2 Nov 2017
 Upland Swamps in the Sydney Region by Ann Young is now available.
20 Aug 2017
The setting up of national parks systems has been a global conservation phenomenon. It is therefore very important that international recognition is given to how the movement began. Probably the best world example of this birthing in a largely natural area is the establishment of Royal National Park that had a major influence on the development of national parks not only in New South Wales but also in the other colonies.
7 Aug 2017
The launch Andy Macqueen's latest book,Wayfaring in Wollemi: stories of people in wilderness IS FULL AND TAKING NO MORE REGISTRATIONS. BUY the book $40.00 (post free)
28 Mar 2017
March 28th marks the mid-point in the four-year election cycle and NSW Environment Groups have reviewed progress based on the Our Environment, Our Future - Policies for the 2015 NSW Election and Beyond report. This document set out 25 key policy asks across eight broad environment themes and it is on this 2015 report that the NSW Government's performance has been bench marked.
21 Mar 2017
A grab-bag of tourist proposals in the draft Blue Mountains Destination Management Plan on exhibition seeks to double visitor expenditure but seems to be a speculative exercise. Its exclusive resort proposals would drag visitors away from small business while massive plans for coach tourism will place a further tourist cost burden on council through parking and waste collection.
22 Feb 2017
Retirement of coal-fired power stations 
30 Jan 2017
The new year starts with a bid by Centennial Coal to continue polluting Sydney's drinking water that flies in the face of last year's announcement to remove Springvale's mine water from the Coxs River. Please make a submission objecting to Centennial Coal's on-going pollution of the Coxs River, the World Heritage Area and Sydney's drinking water supplies.