Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

2016 News

26 Oct 2016
When the NPWS told us they had excluded horse riders who were acting inappropriately in declared wilderness from assessment under the horse riding in wilderness trial, the Colong Foundation for Wilderness suspecting a biased process. We then commissioned the NSW Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) to appoint an expert, Elizabeth Ashby of Keystone Ecological, to review the trial. You can read her final expert report here.
19 Sep 2016
Over the weekend 172 photographs by leading national and international photographers put In Focus the extraordinary beauty of the Gardens of Stone region of the Blue Mountains at an event in the New Law Building, Sydney University. Over 200 passionate and knowledgeable volunteer photographers, conservationists and bushwalkers came together to celebrate the rebirth of the Gardens of Stone campaign and some became Gardens of Stone Protectors.
17 Sep 2016
A new report reveals that the best of the Blue Mountains lies unprotected outside the World Heritage Area.
6 Sep 2016
The Gardens of Stone In Focus Free Photographic Exhibition and CelebrationWeekend of 17 - 18 September 2016Opens Saturday 10AM, closes Sunday 2pmFree award ceremony and refreshments from Saturday 2pmThe New Law Building Foyer, University of Sydney
24 Aug 2016
It is sexy, it is glossy, it takes you to places only the most dedicated landscape photographers will capture - Landscape Photography Magazine is the bible and inspiration for landscape photographers across the globe.
21 Aug 2016
Australia’s most expert ecologists have written to the Premier of NSW, Mike Baird, to call for humane and effective feral horse control for Kosciuszko National Park and to support the park's draft horse management plan.
6 Jun 2016
The Colong Foundation is calling for the community to support the NPWS Kosciuszko National
13 May 2016
Springvale mine water pollution can’t be not neutral or beneficial to the Coxs River On Monday, May 9th, a Land and Environment Court hearing considered whether discharges from the Springvale Mine have a neutral or beneficial effect on water quality of the Coxs River. The court proceedings should boil down to whether a discharge of 19ML/day of mine water into the Coxs River is less than or equal to a previous virtual 0ML/day discharge of mine water into the Coxs River from Licence Discharge Point 9.
26 Apr 2016
Pristine waters flowing from nationally endangered upland swamps is being lost, and so too are the waterfalls fed by them. The environmental abuse is beyond words, yet waterfall impacts were ignored in the Environmental Impact Statement for Springvale's mine extension ...  
2 Mar 2016
At the end of last year, the Colong Foundation and the Blue Mountains Conservation Society commissioned Pells Consulting to review recent evidence regarding near surface groundwater impacts on Newnes Plateau swamps due to longwall mining at the Springvale Mine following approval to extend its longwall mining area by 1,860 hectares.
10 Feb 2016
ABC TV discusses a consultants report considering whether this would have an impact on Newnes Plateau swamps.
11 Jan 2016
Conservation group 4nature Inc has launched proceedings in the NSW Land and Environment Court challenging the NSW Government’s approval of the Springvale underground coal mine due to its pollution of Sydney drinking water catchments. See 4nature media release.   Extenal information links