Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Judges for the award round of Gardens of Stone: In Focus - Photographic Competition

Wolter Peeters

Nick Moir

Wolter Peeters started taking photos seriously when he was in year 9 at school. He has been working for Fairfax Media as a photographer since 2000 and transferred to The Sydney Morning Herald in 2010.

He is required to photograph all aspects of news for the paper but especially finds covering breaking news, environmental issues and documenting severe weather events very rewarding.

Wolter was a as a semi-finalist for last years HeadOn portrait prize and won a Walkley award in 2013 for a sports photograph covering the International Rowing Regatta in Penrith.

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View a video where he talks about his life and work.

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Joan Domicelj AM 

Joan Domicelj AM

Joan Domicelj AM originally trained as an architect and urban planner. Over recent years, she has worked as a heritage advisor and cross-cultural mediator - in particular on the values and conservation of world heritage properties.

Domicelj Consultants prepared the official nomination that won World Heritage listing for the Greater Blue Mountains in 2000, for which Joan and her husband Serge were awarded a Bicentennial Medal. She was delighted to chair the inaugural Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area Advisory Committee.

Joan has enjoyed a prestigious career with national and international conservation bodies. She has served on the Australian State of the Environment Advisory Council, the Australian Heritage Commission, the NSW Heritage Council and the NSW Land and Environment Court and co-mediated with indigenous colleagues several major land disputes across three States.

Internationally, Joan was Vice President of one, and Council member of another, of the three advisory bodies to UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee. She was named by UNESCO as one of the 60 Women contributing to its 60 Years.

Despite her life long interests in conservation, design and human rights, Joan is not a photographer, but has always enjoyed fine photography. She looks forward to reviewing lots of wonderful Gardens of Stone images.


Paul Chantler 

Paul Chantler

Paul Chantler arrived from England in 1980 and began taking photography seriously on a trip to the Northern Territory thirty years ago. From his base in the Blue Mountains he has developed a popular range of photographic gift cards and mounted prints that can be found in numerous outlets across the area and Sydney. As well as the Blue Mountains, Paul focuses on cityscapes, coasts and Outback Australia.

Paul enjoys all the activities associated with landscape photography, such as bushwalking, getting up and about before dawn, being out in all kinds of weather, finding out of the way spots.

“I enjoy the unexpected happening out in nature and being alert to this adds to the overall experience of landscape photography. The unique light, changing moods and beauty of the landscape is what I try to capture,” Paul says.

“Its great to have the opportunity to help with the Gardens of Stone In Focus competition as part of the effort to preserve this remarkable area.”