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Infrastructure NSW attempts cover up of possible Aboriginal burial site

Yet another cover-up by Infrastructure NSW has been reveled today over the raising of Warragamba Dam wall. Kazan Brown, a Gundungurra traditional owner, has said Infrastructure NSW was silent over the discovery of possible human remains in the valley that would be flooded by the raising of Warragamba dam wall.

Kazan Brown, Gundungurra traditional owner, said: “My family has not been involved in the heritage survey whatsoever. It just seems they won’t let traditional owners be involved if they talk to the media about the project.”

Ms Brown became aware of the bone discovery through back channels, and has been asking numerous NSW Government officials for pictures of the discovery site for months to no avail.

“No matter how many times we ask for information, they just don’t provide it to us. I have asked repeatedly for an update on the bones and nothing has been forthcoming.

“Fourteen of my family members are buried in the area, so it’s quite possible it’s one of my ancestors.

“As far as we’re aware no one’s actually investigated what type of bones they are.”

Media contact:
Kazan Brown
0424 789 140
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