Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Horse riders wilderness plans

There are plans by the Bush Users Group to establish a 500 kilometre horse riding track that would circumnavigate the Kosciuszko National Park, through its precious wilderness areas, like the Pilot. The proposed Snowy River Heritage Track would spread a very serious weed, Orange hawkweed throughout the park. Many park rangers are disappointed at the failure of political leadership to stand up for NSW national parks and reserves, and oppose further horse riding access that will degrade these precious areas. (Horse rider's MoU with the NSW Coalition Parties is below.)

Clearing of bridle trails has occurred in the Brogo, Bura Oulla and Buckenbowra wilderness areas, some of the most pristine areas in NSW. Other wilderness areas may also have been cleared. The so-called Gregory Pack Track has been marked with orange spray paint as below.

The following images show what will happen to alpine wilderness if the Snowy River Heritage Track or its cut down alternatives are approved. The horse riders' out-of-date and extreme anti-wilderness deal with the NSW Coalition Parties is also worth reading (horse riders MoU.pdf):


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