Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Get out to Gang Gang - Swamp Day - Sunday 10 Dec - to protect our imperiled swamps

In 2016 an Independent Swamp Monitoring Panel
Centennial Coal to prepare a back analysis on past groundwater data to assess its environmental impacts. Centennial Coal found long term changes to the standing water levels in Carne West and Sunnyside East swamps at a distance of 1.5 kilometres from mining operations.

East Wolgan Swamp, Narrow Swamp and Kangaroo Creek Swamp were similarly affected. The panel believes that risk ranking for swamps should be increased to extreme. Three more swamps - Sunnyside East, Carne West and Gang Gang South West - have lost groundwater since the Springvale mine extension was approved in September 2015.

We now know that significant swamp impacts have occurred for over a decade with no evidence of recovery of ground water levels in any swamp following longwall mining.  More populations of threatened Giant Dragonflies and nationally endangered Blue Mountains water skinks could be wiped out if the damage continues.

Longwall mining panel 420 is currently being mined but to protect Gang Gang Waterfall and its associated nationally endangered swamps upstream, mining of longwalls panels 421, 422 and 423 must never proceed.

The Gardens of Stone Alliance seeks to record the damage to waterfalls and nationally threatened swamps that should be protected as part of our National Heritage. We need your help to do it.

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Ann has unravelled the complex issues surrounding upland swamp conservation into logical threads. Due to the efforts of scientists and conservationists upland swamps on the sandstone plateaus around Sydney are listed as Nationally Endangered Ecological Communities, but that has not protected them!

Past denials by Centennial Coal, before the Biodiversity Offset deal made evasive reporting unnecessary.