Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Gardens of Stone: In Focus Photographic Competition - Notes on Prominent Participating Photographers

Imagine a place of such wild, majestic beauty that those who found it swore to defend it, whatever it took…

David Brazil - recognises the important role quality photography plays in environmental campaigning.

Ian Brown - a Blue Mountains nature photographer, naturalist, bushwalker and conservationist.

Warwick Chate

Allan Chawner - bases his artwork around a sense of place in portraiture and landscape.

Catherine Cloran - a Sydney-based visual artist and photographer who draws inspiration from nature.

Andrew Davis - I enjoy the chase of looking for that perfect composition and location of a landscape.

Nathan Emery - I endeavour to capture the environment is a way that makes people say "Wow."

Richard Green - hopes his images will create awareness of, respect for, and a desire to protect wilderness.

Lewis Fogerty - landscape photographer and environmental scientist with a passion for the outdoors.
Henry Gold - the Colong Foundation's Hon. Photographer.

Gary Hayes - has been drawn to the Gardens of Stone since coming to the upper Blue Mountains.

Samantha Heydt

Alan Kwok - photographs small things in the natural world that are often overlooked.

Akos Lumnitzer - I fell in love with birds ... my biggest love is birds of prey and owls.

Keith Maxwell

Ingrid Morley - unexpected natural structures, rare and difficult to find, interest me.

David Noble - has a love for the wild parts of the Blue Mountains.

David Roma - a friendly photographer who loves to capture the beauty of the world around us.

Jaime Plaza Van Roon - my favourite part of photography is the journey. 

Jochen Spencer

Dave Spillane

Luke Tscharke