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Say no to a toxic incinerator in Sydney’s water catchment- make a submission

Object to the proposed furnace to burn recyclable materials at the Mt Piper Power Plant, near Lithgow

Energy Australia and Re.Group have a plan to burn recyclable materials in a new furnace at Mt Piper near Lithgow. This proposal will see toxic gasses and waste by-products poison World Heritage ecosystems and communities, extending from Lithgow to the Blue Mountains and the Sydney Basin.  This so-called waste-to-energy scheme is an incredibly inefficient means of generating electricity, as it emits more greenhouse gasses per unit of energy than coal, gas or oil. Instead, Sydney should increase its recycling capacity and reduce its use of plastic materials (i.e. single use plastic bags), rather than incentivising greater production of these products.

Other points you could include in your submission:

The proposal will stymie the booming recycling industry. In 2002, recycling businesses supported 22,000 full-time jobs.  Waste-to-Energy technology will see employment in the recycling sector decline.

The proposal should be stripped of its status as a state significant development, which exempts it from adequate review. It is primarily a waste disposal project, not energy production, which affords it this status.

The proposal is not a ‘green energy project’ as it emits gross amounts of harmful greenhouse gasses. The proposal should not receive any funding or grants due to allegedly being a source of renewable/green energy.

The proposal did not adequately cover the use of rail links to haul rubbish from Sydney to the site. It did not consider building a fit-to-purpose unloading facility at Mt Piper.

By all means use any of the above points to modify the guide submission to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. Insert them in 'your comments' section below.

Thanks for your support,

Wilson Harris, Colong Foundation for Wilderness
Submissions close February 28th

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