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Reserve a Gardens of Stone (Stage 2) State Conservation Area

With your help, we can reserve the Gardens of Stone

Don't despair that your representations will go unheeded with the new Premier and Cabinet reshuffle. The Colong Foundation will collate and send on each letter to the new ministers and ensure your voice is heard! Due to technical changes, emails are not immediately sent, but must be forwarded, which I promise to do for you.

Thanks for your support, Keith Muir, Colong Foundation for Wilderness.

So please keep writing to our NSW Parliamentarians requesting the immediate protection of the proposed Gardens of Stone Stage 2 reserve. You can magnify your efforts by circulating a short personal letter to your friends requesting they make a similar appeal for the protection of this wonderful area.

The proposed Gardens of Stone reserve is a geological and botanical wonderland with as many threatened native animals as the World Heritage listed Barrington Tops National Park.  Yet, the area is now facing grave threats from mining, forestry and recreation vehicles and is in immediate need of conservation. So let’s make 2017 the year Gardens of Stone is reserved!

By writing to NSW Parliamentarians you and your friends are highlighting community concern for this special area. So please write now and be part of history in the making in having this internationally significant area declared as a state conservation area!

You can edit the webform guide-letter or add some personal comments in the comments section below. Just modify it and send it. Your letter should request that the publicly owned land in the Stage 2 proposal area be reserved immediately as a state conservation area.  It is an easy task for the NSW Government, and it would make a huge difference for conservation of the Gardens of Stone.

Two additional points you may wish to use in the comments section of your letter:

Reservation of the Newnes, Ben Bullen and Wolgan State Forests as State Conservation Area under the National Parks and Wildlife Act is fundamental to the conservation management of the Gardens of Stone region. These forests combine internationally significant platy pagoda formations and nationally important plant communities with gentle topography and easy access. The Gardens of Stone merits protection for its natural beauty and superlative scenery alone.

The Central West would greatly benefit from heritage-based, environmentally sustainable tourism, and generate $3-4 million per year in perpetuity for the local economy. A network of visitor experiences within the reserve proposal would enable a new nature-based tourism marketing initiative for the western Blue Mountains, promoting the Gardens of Stone as the very distinctive other side of the Blue Mountains. 

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