Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Protect Wilderness - oppose new plans to allow damaging horse riding

Amendments are proposed to three national park plans of management that would allow horse riding in the wilderness areas of Kosciuszko, Deua (Far South Coast Escarpment) and Mummel Gulf.

Despite an expert review highly critical of the flawed horse riding wildernes trial the NPWS is exhibiting plan amendments to allow it indefinitely.


Please make a submission on these plan amendments as using the guide below. The proposed amendments must be rejected, to protect our wilderness heritage natural values from the evironmental damage that recreational horse riding will bring.

You can adapt the guide letter in your own words. By making a submission you will help secure effective wilderness management in our National Parks.

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Scientific studies confirm that horse riding causes significant soil loss and vegetation damage in natural areas. Being steel shod, horses hooves cause great damage to soil. Horses also spread viable weed seeds through their faeces. Seeds are dispersed in high levels for the first four days after ingestion and for up to two weeks thereafter, putting wilderness areas at risk. 

Wilderness horse riding will result in the release of more feral horses into national parks and more trail clearing. Clearing to form the Georges Pack Track has damaged the Woila Deua Wilderness where trees have been cut, scrub cleared and boulders marked with orange paint. It this damage can happen to wilderness while there is a trial, much more damage can be expected if allowed on a permanent basis under a flawed self regulation and monitoring.

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Thanks for your support,

Keith Muir, Colong Foundation for Wilderness



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