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West of Katoomba, north of Lithgow, the 39,000 hectare Gardens of Stone reserve proposal extends over spectacular sandstone landscapes. The proposal includes Ben Bullen and Wolgan State Forests (on the Great Dividing Range), Newnes State Forest (Newnes Plateau) and discontinuous western escarpment Crown reserves from Hassans Walls to Medlow Bath.

Please write to the Premier, the Hon Mike Baird, as these unprotected areas of the Gardens of Stone region are vulnerable to the loss of their unique values while outside the control of a conservation agency.

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Reservation of the Newnes, Ben Bullen and Wolgan State Forests as State Conservation Areas under the National Parks and Wildlife Act is fundamental to the conservation management of the Gardens of Stone region. These forests combine internationally significant platy pagoda formations and nationally important plant communities with gentle topography and easy access. The Gardens of Stone merits protection for its natural beauty and superlative scenery alone.

The Central West would greatly benefit from heritage-based, environmentally sustainable tourism, and generate $3-4 million per year for the local economy. A network of visitor experiences within the reserve proposal should enable a new nature-based tourism marketing initiative for the western Blue Mountains, promoting the Gardens of Stone as the very distinctive other side of the Blue Mountains.

Note: You will get a message from the Premier's office asking you to "fill out the email contact form". We believe that your original message has been received and if you fill out and submit the form from the Premier's office you will push home the need for reservation.

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