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Oppose the Western Sydney Airport proposal

Could you please adapt the webform guide letter below to make a submission in your own words opposing the proposed Western Sydney Airport.

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Submission deadline - close of business 18th December 2015

The proposed 24-hour-a-day airport operation will cause sleep interruption for many people and the road traffic associated with the proposed airport will create unacceptable levels of smog. The integrity of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area will be compromised. The proposal must be stopped.

Additional points  you may wish to add in your submission: 

I object to a proposed airport at Badgerys Creek as it will increase air pollution; spread intrusive levels of aircraft noise pollution through the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and residential areas; and increase the risks of cancer in the western Sydney community due to increased air pollution.

The draft EIS must be revised and re-exhibited with options for flight paths, operating modes and runway orientation to ensure noise pollution impacts arising from the proposed Western Sydney Airport are avoided, and where noise can’t be avoided, it is mitigated or minimized to the greatest extent possible. The draft EIS did not consider how to minimise environmental impacts by considering options and so has failed to improve environmental outcomes for the proposed airport.

Drinking water quality must be protected from two of the damaging toxins and carcinogens, benzopyrene and associated microscopic particles, that are copiously produced by large commercial aircraft. These will rain down on residents and drinking water catchments. Flight free zones must protect Sydney’s main drinking water storage from contamination.

When you have made a submission, please use it to write letters to the editor of your local newspaper: writing to a newspaper is one of the most effective ways to spread the word and boost awareness of the issues associated with this airport proposal.

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