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EPBC guide to not Raising the Dam!

WaterNSW proposes to raise the Warragamba Dam wall 14 metres to temporarily store an enormous amount of floodwater, 991 gigalitres, or enough to fill Sydney Harbour twice.

Comments on a WaterNSW referral document made under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act (EPBC Act) are due by Wednesday 31st May.  

At this stage in the process comments are restricted to “matters of national environmental significance” impacted by the proposed wall raising and the temporary flooding that would be produced by it. Please use the following guide to make a submission on this referral. Adapt this form and put comments in your own words. Include your name and contact details in the fields below to make a valid submission.

see Colong Foundation's submission.

The referral document regarding the Raising of Warragamba Dam by 14 metres (Reference Number 2017/7940) are on the Federal Department of Environment and Energy's website here.

Two additional points  you may wish to use in your submission: 

The proposal will have a significant impact on the hydrology of the Kowmung River, a designated wild river, as well as other rivers in the World Heritage Area.  

The assessment of consequences of the proposed dam wall raising and the upstream Flood Management Zone is confusing in the referral.  For example, the intended management of small floods requires further explanation to assess impacts on MNES and frequent inundation areas will suffer greater environmental impacts than claimed.

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