Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Colong Foundation for Wilderness - Strategy Questionnaire

The Colong Foundation for Wilderness is a community of like-minded people who care passionately about the preservation of wilderness. As a group we need to examine key questions such as: 

  • Why have our members become involved in a quest to preserve wilderness areas?
  • Why do our supporters choose the Colong Foundation for Wilderness?
  • Is the Colong Foundation for Wilderness performing as members and supporters would like?

And more personally: 

  • Are there areas of wilderness, or important campaigns, that the Foundation should take up?
  • Are there areas that the Foundation is involved in that should be dropped?
  • How well do you think the Foundation engages with its members ans supporters?
  • How should the Colong Foundation engage with you?

The survey can be filled out anonymously, but if you choose to provide your email address we will provide feedback.

Survey Questions
Wilderness Threat Priorities
What threats to natural areas do you perceive as being most important?
Please rate, with 1 being your lowest priority and 5 the highest.
Join Reasons
Please rate whether the following were important in your decision. 1 is not important 5 is important.
Please rate, with 1 being that you do not value, and 5 that you value very highly.
Importance of maintaining heritage relating to the Dunphy vision for wilderness.
Review Colong Foundation for Wilderness Campaigns
Are you aware of the following Colong Foundation Campaigns
Please indicate which campaigns you are aware of.
Importance of Campaigns
Please rate the importance of each campaign.
1 means that this campaign is not important to you, 5 means that it is very important.
Wilderness Areas
How widely do you think the Colong Foundation should operate?
Successful Areas and Areas to Improve
Which areas do you think the Colong Foundation for Wilderness could improve in supporting conservation?
Which areas do you consider the Colong Foundation for Wilderness to have been successful in supporting conservation?
Wilderness Issues
What do you consider to be the major issues relating to Wilderness in the 21st Century?
Involvement with Wilderness Preservation
Tell us how you are currently involved in wilderness
Any further comments?
Contact Details
Optional if you wish to make an anonymous submission.
I would like to be contacted by the Colong Foundation in the future? This involves the occasional email, email broadcast and possibly a follow up phone call. This permission does not override any permission you may have already provided as a member or other contact of the Foundation.

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