Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Colong Bulletin 266

In this edition:

  • A Tourism Plan to exploit the Blue Mountains
  • Burning plastics is worse than coal
  • Book Review - Repaying my debt: A conservationist's tale, Geoff Mosley
  • Thank you for your support
  • National Parks across Australia are being targeted for development
  • Protecting Barrington South's rivers and forests
  • Tale of two mines
  • Time to retire coal fired power plants
  • Featured Wilderness - Yengo
  • Monthly General meetings and AGM

​The Colong Foundation AGM will be held on April 27th, at 5.00pm in the Colong Office.

Please make a submission as an objection to the Blue Mountains draft tourism visitor destination plan: 

Take advantage of Blue Mountains City Council’s public comment and review process to stop this plan, to protect our vulnerable bushlands and national parks. Concerns regarding this plan are outlined in the Colong Foundation submission and the for more details see the draft Blue Mountains Destination Management Plan. Submissions will be received on the Council website till April 21st on the following link

Ask Blue Mountains City Council to:

  • Oppose the Destination Management Plan’s proposals in national parks, including built accommodation and intrusive infrastructure, such as large car parks and ‘wow-factor’ cantilevered lookouts;
  • Oppose ‘Game changer’ tourist over-development, particularly in bushland areas, including the proposal for an unnecessary ’internationally-branded’ 250 bed mega-resort and conference centre, an exclusive six hectare Destination Holiday Park and facilitating bus-based day tourism from Sydney; and
  • Support instead better funding, communication, promotion and integration of existing facilities and events that are compatible with the nature-focused vision of the Blue Mountains as a city within a World Heritage national park. 
Colong Bulletin 266