Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Don't Burn Forests for Electricity

The NSW Government is set to overturn a ban on burning native forests for electricity. This will give the green light for new and existing power plants to use whole trees as fuel. It will mean more logging of native forests, more wildlife habitat lost and increased amounts of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere.


This proposal is not about using logging 'waste' from the forest floor. Such wood is too difficult to collect in an economical manner. In any case, the existing regulation already allows waste from plantations, farm forestry, sawmills and manufacturing to be used to generate electricity but prevents the use of native forest material for that low-value use.

Native forests actually produce zero waste. Live and dead trees are habitat. They are also food for other species and decompose to condition the soil.

Submissions on the draft Regulation were accepted until 20 August 2013 by email to  Say NO to the burning of native trees for electricity.

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