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We are a tax-deductible charity striving for a more secure, more resilient planet. Donate, signup or find out more about us below

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The Colong Foundation exists to defend, protect and expand Australia’s wilderness, wild landscapes and intact natural areas. We care for wilderness, because wilderness matters.

Keeping large, ecologically undisturbed wild places like the Blue Mountains National Park intact helps to insure against biodiversity loss and turn the table on climate change. 

Yet without active support from people like you who share our love of nature, the work toward wilderness protection grinds to a halt.

Your one-time donation helps us to stand up for the protection Australia's precious and essential wilderness areas, so that future generations can enjoy those rare and wild places that are a storehouse of clean water, fresh air and natural life.

Please help us to continue our work to protect wilderness for the future by making a tax-deductible donation today.  

Donate monthly to become a Wilderness Guardian 

Giving a monthly gift is the most effective investment you can make in our efforts to protect Australia’s native forests, wild rivers, and its precious wildlife.

Monthly gifts from our Wilderness Guardians ensure that the Colong Foundation can remain independent, plan ahead so that every dollar can be used in the most effective way, and power effective campaigns to tackle the emerging threats to Australia’s wilderness.

We’re standing up for our land, our wildlife and our communities by:

● Campaigning to protect the Kowmung River and the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains National Park, where sites of immense natural, cultural, and national significance are under threat from the raising of the Warragamba Dam wall.
● Campaigning to protect Australia’s remaining native forests from logging, wood chipping, biomass burning and briquette manufacture.
● Campaigning for the expansion and connection of protected areas, which act as a buffer against climate change and biodiversity loss.
● Advocating for sustainable alternatives to dangerous development in flood-prone areas of western Sydney that don’t involve the raising of Warragamba Dam wall.

As a monthly supporter, you’ll receive regular updates to inform you of what you’re helping to achieve for Australia’s wild places through the Colong Foundation, as well as one consolidated receipt at the end of the financial year.

Thank you for your generosity.

Charity ABN 84001112143


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