Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Short walks and places to visit

A short walks guide to Newnes Plateau has been produced to promote the scenic and natural attractions of this part of the Gardens of Stone. Beyond the mining and other disturbance can be found an unspoilt natural world, right on Lithgow's doorstep.

The guide offers visits to spectacular escarpments, curious pagoda rock formations, beautiful forests and heathlands and endangered swamp communities. Karen MacLaughlin has compiled this guide for the Blue Mountains Conservation Society and the Colong Foundation, after decades walking and canyoning on the Plateau.

Trip advisories:

  • No walk involves more than 100 metres descent or ascent or is longer than 3 kilometres in length. Detailed descriptions of these easy to moderate short walks are not given.
  • The map in the guide must be used in conjunction with the appropriate 1:25,000 topographic maps specified. In particular, the ability to locate map grid co-ordinates of the walk's start point is essential for the safe use of the guide.
  • Do not go close to cliff edges.
  • Do not walk alone. Tell a friend or a relative where you're going and when you expect to return. When you complete your trip, let them know you have returned.
  • Most of the roads to the places of interest require a 4WD vehicle. After rain a 4WD vehicle is required.
  • Tread lightly!
  • The pagoda rock formations once damaged are damaged forever.
  • Don't tread on the platey rock projections as these can suddenly break off, injuring you (as well as the rock). This goes double on cliff edges.

Download Short Walks on the Newnes Plateau (.pdf 843KB) and follow the above advice for the best day's walking in the western Blue Mountains! Check it out and share your discoveries with your friends.