Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Key Reserve Proposal Recommendations

  • Reserve Gardens of Stone II as a state conservation area and those parts of the Western Escarpment as indicated on the proposed park map.
  • Develop a conservation management plan for the oil shale ruins at Mount Airly. The plan to preserve these relics and visitation controls should be developed in co-operation with Centennial Coal.
  • Develop a recreation management plan through the park plan of management process that promotes responsible driving on roads and respects closed tracks and management trails. The roads leading into the Wolgan River headwaters, access to Cape Horn, Mount Genowlan and the identified Wollemi Wilderness should be closed and all tributary roads in these areas allowed to rehabilitate naturally.
  • Implement subsidence management plans for coal mining with subsidence protection for the Newnes Plateau upland swamps, pagodas, cliffs and streams. Mine water from collieries should be minimised, adequately treated, discharged away from the World Heritage Area and used as cooling water in the Mt Piper Power Plant.
  • Implement a strategy and management plan for Sydney’s sand requirements which should investigate all options, including appropriate off shore options, so that Newnes Plateau and other sensitive sites can be permanently protected, while adequate sand reserves are identified and recycling of construction sand facilitated.
  • Terminate native forest logging operations on Newnes Plateau and revegetate the former pine plantation using native plants of local provenance.
  • Establish appropriate management regimes for adventure recreation activities, particularly for adventure recreation on the Western Escarpment.
  • Develop a management plan for climbing sites on the Western Escarpment. Intensification of use by commercial operations should be subject to environmental assessment, public comment and review processes. Sites selected for development should have a high resilience to impact and not have high environmental values.