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The Gardens of Stone Reserve Proposal

Protect the Gardens of Stone


Protect the Gardens of Stone

the highest and best use of the area is for conservation

The NSW Government has put environment on an equal footing with mining. A Planning Assessment Commission will have a second review the Springvale mine extension proposal.

Take Action: Please make a submission supporting the Mugii Murum-ban SCA draft plan of management or read the Colong Foundation's submission to the Mugii draft plan.

Last year, a Planning Assessment Commission also recognised the conservation values of the region. Lets protect the Gardens of Stone

Send a message to the Premier and your local member to protect the Ben Bullen, Wolgan and Newnes forests in a state conservation area.

The report The Impact of Coal Mining on the Gardens of Stone outlines the reserve proposal and why it is important that the Gardens of Stone be reserved.


Key Values of the Gardens of Stone

The 40,000 hectare Gardens of Stone, near Lithgow, extends over the sandstone landscapes of the Newnes Plateau and the broken stone country west of the Plateau. The proposal also includes the Blue Mountains Western Escarpment lands from Blackheath into Lithgow.

The proposal is an absolutely spectacular place and the last unprotected part of Myles Dunphy’s 1934 Greater Blue Mountains Park vision.

Reserving the Gardens of Stone would enable a conservation based management regime appropriate to the area.

Visit The Gardens of Stone

Visit the Gardens of Stone

The Gardens of Stone provide opportunities for people from modern day explorers who want a surprising experience at every corner to families and history buffs who are sure to be amazed at how the area has developed.


There are a number of threats to the conservation of the Gardens of Stone. The most significant impact is coal mining which in turn affects water quality in a significant part of the region, causes cliff collapses, pagoda cracking and swamps to dry up. 

The Hon. Bob Carr launched a report on the Impact of Coal Mining on the Gardens of Stone on 27 April, 2010 [transcript]. The report details the devastating impacts of coal mining at the Gardens of Stone, including the collapse of several hundred of cliffs and the poisoning of nationally endangered swamps with mine effluent. The report also outlines what can be done to stop the damage and save this ecologically significant area. As a result is is important that this area receive the protection it deserves.

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