Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

What you can do to help the Alps-South East Forests World Heritage Campaign

1) Join the world heritage working group

In July 2005 the Board of the Colong Foundation decided to set up a Working Group and the membership is currently being extended to include people representative of various relevant fields of expertise and the different regions.

The World Heritage listing for the 'sea to snow' Alps and South East Forest is well overdue.

If you would like to join the working group, please contact Geoff Mosley on (03) 9718 2998 or Keith Muir at the Colong Foundation (02) 9261 2400,

2) Support the Working Group's sea to snow national park consolidation proposals in Victoria.

Write a letter to the Victorian Minister for the Environment, and the Shadow Minister for the Environment seeking their support for integrating the national parks in East Gippsland and the Baw Baw National Park with the Alpine National Park. A guide letter is available for you to download attached .pdf

3) Also write letters the Federal Environment Minister, Shadow Environment Minister and other key Parliamentarians in other states to your support of the Alps - South East Forests World Heritage proposal.

Commonwealth, New South Wales and ACT Governments should request the Victorian Government support these two park projects through the Australian Alps Ministerial Council. A guide letter and contact addresses so that you can make these representations is available for you to download attached .pdf