Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

What areas are included in the world heritage proposal?

The proposal comprises a linked series of corridors connecting the coastal, escarpment and alpine areas of NSW and Victoria. A copy of the map showing the 25 initial areas in the proposal can be viewed on this link. A Memorandum of Understanding for co-operative the management of the forest parks on either side of the Victorian and NSW border is close to finalisation. This agreement will establish the structural changes to the administration of park management to enable uniform management.

The Victorian Government is also due to legislate an extension of the Alpine National Park to incorporate the Snowy River and Errinundra National Parks.

Current Australian Government policy is that the areas nominated must be included in Australia 's National Heritage List (NHL) before a World Heritage nomination is made. Recent amendments to the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act,1999 permit serial sites to be nominated for the NHL. Since August 2005 the Colong Foundation's Working Group has focused on nominating the areas involved for inclusion on Australia's National Heritage List. It will then begin to work on the World Heritage nomination.

The public can offer supporting comments on the areas as they are nominated for National Heritage Listing by the Working Group, just go to the following DEWHA webpage: and search the National Heritage list for recent nominations.