Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

What's happening to Kosciuszko National Park?

In 2016, Kosciuszko National Park is at risk

We must speak up for nature. Leading scientists report that the Park is at risk due to development, increased use, climate change, and introduced plants and animals.

A National Park being developed and sold

The ski resorts lease national park land from the government. A real estate bonanza is planned that will see the park damaged and apartments sold for a quick profit.

Climate Change increases impacts

Climate Change is with us. Kosciuszko’s snowline has been rising for over 50 years. The ski resorts have increased artificial snow making, continue experimental cloud seeding without environmental assessment; and are planning more summer commercial recreation that would turn Kosciuszko into a private amusement park.

High impact users demanding more access to fragile park areas

Far from the ski resorts commercial interests, four wheel drive, trail bike and horse riding groups are pushing for more fragile parkland to be put aside for their use.

Feral animal degradation

Without effective management and adequate funding, pigs, goats and feral horses will trample sensitive landscapes, pollute streams, displace native animals and spread weeds through the park.