Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Management Overview

Overview of NSW government plans for Kosciuszko

Two plans are to govern the fate of Koscouszko for the next 20 years:

The 2006 Plan of Management

Australia’s leading scientists report that the park’s outstanding values are at risk due to expanding development, increased visitor use, climate change and introduced plants and animals. Kosciuszko National Park, the largest park in NSW, deserves a strong ecologically based plan of management that puts nature and wilderness first. The 2006 Plan does not go far enough to curb high impact use such as horseriding. Nor does it protect the Park's alpine region or wild rivers.

The 2007 Alpine Resorts Plan

Alpine Resorts Plan does not address climate change that will make these resorts obsolete in 50 years. The 2007 Plan (a development instrument under planning law) permits major urban expansion in the alpine region. Six large apartment blocks, up to five stories high are proposed in Perisher and development will extend to Smiggin Holes, Guthega, Mount Selwyn, Charlotte Pass and beyond. Many apartments will be for private sale. Such town developments are outrageous in one of the country’s most fragile ecosystems, on national park land where nature should come first.