Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Pest Species

Guy Fawkes Pest Cull leaves a giant horse population in the park

An aerial culling program in Guy FawkesNational Park that began today is required to overlook this park’s huge feral horse problem.  Horse numbers have exploded since the 2000 aerial cull and there displaced the other herbivores i

Conservationists welcome biggest ever pest control program

Post-fire recovery planning will bring nature back from the brink

The Colong Foundation for Wilderness welcomed the announcement by Energy and Environment Minister, Matt Kean, to undertake “the biggest pest campaign program ever” to help our wildlife recover from the most extensive fire event that NSW has experienced.



Decisive action needed to end the suffering of starving horses in Guy Fawkes National Park

The misery of hunger and starvation stalks the horses in Guy Fawkes National Park since the drought and Bees Nest fire removed all remnant feed,” said Wilson Harris, Natural Areas Campaigner for the Colong Foundation.  “More than 200 emaciated, 28 dead and 3 dying horses were observed on a site inspection of the park last month, a huge number for such poor country.”

Long term problem