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Gardens of Stone

Independent Planning Commission gives “Nut Coal” a green tick

“Yesterday the Independent Planning Commission gave approval to Invincible, an open-cut coal mine in the Gardens of Stone region, so that it can start mining.  So Coal is King even when most of the good coal has been already mined in an irreplaceable and internationally significant pagoda landscape,” said Keith Muir director of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness.

Hello Lithgow! - Banner Day promotes protection of the Gardens of Stone region

Yesterday (Sunday Nov 26, 2017) 150 people from Lithgow, Blue Mountains and Sydney gathered near Dobbs Drift, Lithgow to celebrate the Gardens of Stone region.  Their message was that Lithgow needs to reserve 39,000 hectares of internationally significant bushland if it is to grow its tourism industry.  This they demonstrated by unfurling two giant banners below a huge pagoda that overlooks Lithgow that they have called “Sphinx Pagoda”.  Its mystery - why does Lithgow oppose conservation of its internationally significant pagoda bushlands???

NSW Gov urged to protect Gardens of Stone to boost Lithgow's tourism economy.

The Gardens of Stone Alliance

Blue Mountains Conservation Society
Colong Foundation for Wilderness
Lithgow Environment Group

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Local environmental groups are urging the NSW Government to provide a much-needed boost to the Lithgow economy by reserving 39,000 hectares of internationally significant bushland that is critical for the region's growing tourism industry.

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