Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Colong Foundation's 2007 submission to the Draft Feral Horse Plan for Kosciuszko National Park

Submission on the draft horse management plan 2007

The Colong Foundation supports increased efforts to control feral horses in Kosciuszko
National Park. The Foundation is concerned that many areas of the park are being degraded
by feral horses.

The reader of the draft report is confused when the term wild horse is used 15 times and feral
horse is mentioned 22 times in the text. The reader may conclude that wild horses and feral
horses are different types of horse populations.

The Colong Foundation would prefer that feral horse is used consistently throughout the
report and the term ‘wild horse’ be used inside inverted commas when quoted. The term ‘wild
horse’ can confuse horses with native wildlife. As you would appreciate, horses are feral in
Kosciuszko National Park because they comprise populations arising from domestic stock
that have gone wild.

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