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Colong Foundation's 2003 submission to the Draft Feral Horse Plan for the Alpine Area of Kosciuszko National Park

Colong Foundation for Wilderness:  Submission to Draft Wild Horse Management Plan for the Alpine area of Kosciuszko National Park


Although there may be reasons for calling some pest species “feral” and others “wild”, this is confusing to a community already poorly
informed about the issues. The term “wild” is somewhat more emotive than “feral” and somewhat less than so than “brumby”.  English (2001), having recognised that people have different perceptions about horses than other pest animals, uses the term “feral horse” in all three of his reports. The Kosciuszko Plan of Management clearly states “wild horses are feral” (NPWS 1988, p.119).

Colong position statement

The Plan should refer to the horses as “feral”, so that they are clearly differentiated from native ”wildlife” and not laden with emotional
terminology. This would be consistent with the terminology used in the independent reports on feral horses in Guy Fawkes River National Park (English 2000, 2001).

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