Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

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The National Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Visitors and Tourists) Act 2010 passed both houses of the NSW Parliament on 9 June, 2010. The Act's has been weakened to benefit private tourist interests and commercial gain.

The NSW Greens fought to block the Bill and then to amend it. The NSW Coalition did not oppose the Bill, but importantly, did support the key Greens amendment to remove the Ministerial discretion power over lease approvals so as to retain the community's ability to effectively defend national parks against Ministerial excesses. This amendment was lost by just one vote.

Don't let tourism development breakdown the integrity of ecosystems and spoil vital wilderness corridors critical to the survival of endangered animals in our national parks.

Nature's National Parks should be free of built accommodation or other exclusive developments. Together our efforts can re-instate this policy, that should be part of any enlightened political party's environmemnt policy.

Help protect our national parks from commercial exploitation:


Parks for Nature Petition - a strong resolution to Premier, the Hon Kristina Keneally, opposing the exploitation of national parks. (historical) (download attached .pdf 37KB)

Petition to NSW Parliament (download attached .pdf 65KB)- calling on Parliamentarians to uphold the primary purpose of parks and wilderness remaining nature conservation.(historical)