Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Monitising the National Park brand

Do you want to kiss wilderness goodbye, simply because it’s a non-market, nature-focused park management strategy? I sure don’t!

The downside of the market approach to visitor management for national parks is activities must be chopped up into bite-sized sellable commodities.

Many saleable and bookable facilities must be built to successfully market national parks through the usual advertising outlets. These market mechanisms are a way of giving parks a money value that everyone can understand and respond to. A wide range of park developments will ensure as many people as possible can consume what was once conserved in national parks. In this way park visitors are adequately stripped of their money, in return for a shrunken experience of nature.

This process is called “Monetising the Brand,” and it can liquidate your grandchildren’s birthright to pristine nature. Environment groups want sustainable visitation, not exclusive and commercially-driven use. 

The following images show what happens when development picks the eyes out of our National Parks...

The consequence of giving tourist developers exclusive rights...

Elite tours to exclusive wilderness hideaway resorts...  The tourist equivalent of Ranger Uranium Mine in Kakadu National Park. Too bad if your a terrified brush-tailed rock wallaby. They can just go jump...

The NSW Government believes that the Bay of Fires Cabins in Tasmania is a desirable development for our national parks (and so nice to drop in to for lunch on a quick chopper trip.)

See how this Bay of Fires Cabin blocks one of the nation’s most beautiful foreshores.

Tourist development will privatise National Parks, and it means ... elites only... plebs Keep out.

Looks nice, but you'll need $1,000 in your pocket for this muffled and coddled "pretend you're in nature" experience.


A trinket store! Just what Royal National Park needs for World Heritage listing...

Nothing like a fast ride round national park and how about a frozen gut?

Don't let tourism development of this sort breakdown the integrity of ecosystems and spoil vital wilderness corridors critical to the survival of endangered animals in our national parks.

So join the fight to repeal the "National Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Visitors and Tourists) Act, 2010."