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About Wilderness Red Index

The Wilderness Red Index is a database of the remaining wilderness areas in Australia. There is currently data on 179 areas throughout the nation, including areas described for every State and Territory.

The Wilderness Red Index was established by the Colong Foundation in 1991. A major purpose of the Index is to provide an objective, non-Government measure of the status of wilderness in Australia. It is complementary to the National Wilderness Inventory operated by the Australian Heritage Commission.

The Wilderness Red Index enables people concerned about Australia's environment to obtain information about the status of Australia's remaining wild regions and to contribute information (by e-mail or Australia Post) about areas of which they have particular knowledge.

Note: Available shortly will be up to date information on NSW wilderness areas (40 areas). The data on areas in western NSW (apart from Mootwinge and Kingega), and in other States and Territories is in a more preliminary form.


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