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Dunphy Kowmung Adventure - Walk Updates

Day 1: Friday: 26 September 2014

Dunphy's Kowmung Adventure commenced Friday 26 Sept. Here is the walk map.

The launch event was held on the front deck of the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre. All the walkers were recorded on the large map that depicted historical images from the 1914 walk by Myles Dunphy and Bert Gallop.

The Journey begins...

Train Journey

On the train from Newtown to Katoomba, I attracted a significant amount of attention from other passengers. My costume, as yet unsoiled with the dirt of the trails, looked a lot like a school uniform. I felt like a girl on her first day at a new school. Proud, excited, nervous.

Poetry celebrating Myles Dunphy

A Wild Centenary

A phone call came in urgent, from up old Newtown way
"Say mate I’ve got a bloke here who wants to walk the spray.
He says he's heard from Dunphy,
You know, the man who drew the map
Of The valleys bush and mountains,
With billy swag and cap. "

Says I, “He must be dreaming in sands at Cronulla Beach,
His head is full of salt and grime from mental over reach. 
Ole Dunphy, Myles by first name, is long in heavens walk,
Been years since Dex his dog and he
Long the River did they stalk.