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Dunphy Kowmung Adventure - Walk Updates

Day 8: Friday: 03 October 2014

Satellite phone update from Alex on Dunphy's Kowmung Adventure.

We awoke to the calls of so many different birds and a clear sky. The Kowmung was refreshing and beautiful again. Long day. Arrived after dark to a warm fire.


The Trip map.

The Kowmung River

From our campsite at the Unirover trailhead, trekked back to Lost Rock, across the swampy creek next to our lunch spot from the previous day, through the open woodland, and along a the back of a ridge towards a steep descent. It’s amazing to see the variety of vegetation as you descend towards the river. The trees and shrubs can change completely within a hundred metres! The scents of the different blossoms slur together in a dizzying way with the lazy stirring of the breezes. The ridge top had some of the best views of the trip.

Day 7: Thursday: 02 Oct 2016

Stage 4 - Unirover Trail Head to Yerranderie: drive in and camp Wednes

Day 6: Wednesday: 1 October 2014

Venn's Selection was bypassed by the Adventurers who climbed Misery Ridge after camping by the Kowmung River opposite the base of Megalith Ridge. Something to explore next time... (maybe there is a high sidling track along the valley all the way from Venns Hut down to Hatches Hollow...?)

Day 5: Tuesday: 30 September 2014

From Dingo Dell to the Kowmung River

From Myles journal.

Now came the hardest bit of the journey as we negotiated the west bank of the Kowmung, crossed the river in medium flood so we could climb the range opposite and avoid the river, even though we had come here to follow the Kowmung all the way to the Coxs. Well that was looking unlikely. 

Day 4: Monday: 29 September 2014

Hollanders River to Dingo Dell

And now to what lies ahead, the unknown, after a very cold night. We called it ... Perishing Point camp.

From Myles comprehensive journal as researched by Wyn Jones and packaged into a trip notebook.

For the walkers on this trip it was quite a comfortable night. Slightly up the hill from Hollanders River. Modern sleeping bags certainly are an improvement over the basic blankets that Myles and Bert had.

The yellow Paddy Pallin tent at the campsite.

Days 1 to 3: Friday 26 to Sunday 28 September 2014

Coxs River Three Day Walk

This easy going crowd left after 9am and still had bundles of time to explore along the Coxs River.
(l. to r.) Isaac Lichtenstein, Annette Prehn, Dylan Todd, Carol Isaacs (squatting), Keith Muir, Tony Le (squatting), Pam Campbell.

Day 3: Cox River to Hollanders River Adventure Walk

The Paddy Pallin Era tent on the Black Range. Its a long climb from the Coxs River to the top of the Black Range.

Paddy Pallin tent on the Cox River

Alex Allchin and Sierra Classen at Carlotta Arch, Jenolan Caves. This feature amazed Myles Dunphy.

From the Coxs River to Black Range

Just before arriving at the Coxs River, we found a cave with native bees in it. After a recent run in with a lot of bee enthusiasts, I am now greatly interested in bees. Seeing a native bee’s nest was very worthwhile.

We also saw an echidna near the Cox’s River. It was digging furiously for insects, by the look of it. I hadn’t seen an echidna up close before this one either.

Day 2: Saturday: 27 September 2014

Adventure Walk

Adventure walkers were ready to leave Old Ford Reserve at 8.30am.