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Colong Wilderness Walk Itinerary & Map

Walk Dates                                                                      

Friday, September 26 to Monday, October 2014                     


Walk launch - Friday September 26 10am Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, 30 Parke St, Katoomba - morning tea provided.

Six Foot Track Day Walk  - Friday September 26 - 11.30am - 10pm: An easy day walk from Cultural Centre to Old Ford Reserve, Megalong Valley. Stay for ceremonial campfire and be driven back by bus around 10pm. BBQ dinner provided.

Six Foot Track Overnight Walk - September 26-27:  as above and walk back to Katoomba the next day (rated as a moderate walk).

Six Foot Track Three Day Walk - September 26-28: as above, and continue to Coxs River to camp the next day and return to Katoomba on Sunday ( rated as a longer moderate walk).

Celebration Camp and Dinner at Wooglemai Environmental Education Centre, Sheehys Creek Road, Oakdale - October 5 and 6 (Labour Day Long Weekend): Adventure Team 5 arrives late October 5 and we celebrate the stories surrounding this journey. Camp or stay in a cabin. Open to everyone, but bookings are essential. BBQ provided by Wollondilly Council and Rotary

Adventure Walks

Adventure Walk in stages of 3 to 4 days duration - September 26 to October 6: a hard walk for experienced walkers only, with up to 1,000 metre daily ascents, off-track, some with mild exposure. Join walk leaders for one of five possible stages. You must be a member of a bush walking club and a Colong member to join this walk. 

If this challenge is for you check the walk itinerary below and decide which stages suite your requirements before you register. Pick two additional alternative stages, in case you don't get your first choice.

Stage1 - Katoomba to Jenolan Caves: start Friday, 11.30am September 26 (stage ends 11.30am September 28)

Stage 2 - Jenolan Caves to Dingo Dell: start Sunday, 11.30am September 28 (stage ends September 30)

Stage 3 - Dingo Dell to Unirover Trail Head: drive in and camp Monday, September 29 for start Tuesday 8am (stage ends October 2)

Stage 4 - Unirover Trail Head to Yerranderie: drive in and camp Wednesday, October 1, for start Thursday 8am (stage ends October 4)

Stage 5 - Yerranderie to Picton: Saturday, drive in and camp Friday October 3, for start Saturday 8am (stage ends October 6)

Camp Sites

Camp   1 - Old Ford Res. and ceremonial campfire 

Camp   2A - Coxs River Campsite, 6 Foot Track (for those who opted for moderate three day walk)

Camp   2B - Black Range Campsite, 6 Foot Track (Adventure walkers)

Camp   3 - Junction of Hollanders and Budthingeroo Creek

Camp   4 - Dingo Dell (Tuglow Hole)

Camp   5 - Bottom of Morong Deep, Kowmung River

Camp   6 - Unirover Trail head, Morong Fire Road

Camp   7 - Junction of Lannigans and Carkeneller Creeks

Camp   8 - Yerranderie upper camp

Camp   9 - Central Burragorang

Camp 10 - Wooglemai Environment Education Centre

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