Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Day 9: Saturday: 04 October 2014

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Day 9 Spot track

The famous Paddy Pallin Era tent at Yerranderie by morning light.


Yerranderie at peak hour.


Yerranderie with kangaroos.

Yerranderie with Kangaroos

Map signing and story telling.

Video at Yerranderie

The Dunphy sketch map at Yerranderie. The walkers on this section. Left to right: Kalang Morrison-Jones, Milo Morrison-Jones, Sierra Classen, Alex Allchin and David Noble.

Dunphy map at Yerranderie

People, you have almost made it, only a couple more days walk to go. Resist the temptation to thumb a lift.


Road 'bash' out of Yerranderie.

Walking in the Burragorang valley

Looking back to the north - Myles took this picture in 1914.

View of Bonnum Pic protruding into the Burragorang Valley from the Wanganderry Tableland.

Burragorang Valley. Yerranderie peak.

Wollondilly River crossing.

Creek walk Burragorang

Long bash along the W4 Fire Road that skirts around the Wanganderry Tableland.

Road walk Burragorang

More views of the Wanganderry Tableland from the W4 fire road.

Road walk Burragorang

Sydney's main water storage, Lake Burragorang. Sierra and Alex admiring the view.


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