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Day 8: Friday: 03 October 2014

Satellite phone update from Alex on Dunphy's Kowmung Adventure.

We awoke to the calls of so many different birds and a clear sky. The Kowmung was refreshing and beautiful again. Long day. Arrived after dark to a warm fire.


The Trip map.

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Kowmung Campsite with Guy Dunphy

Kowmung Campsite with Guy Dunphy

The beautiful Kowmung River with some mist rising from it.

Kowmung River

A red belly black snake. Locals to the area. Usually there are a lot of them but they run off when they feel you coming. Looks like a big one.

Red belly black snake.

Alex and Sierra with wet feet again walking up Lannigans Creek. 

The Creek is lovely. It's six miles of  course holds most beautiful matter for photographic study.

Alex and Sierra creek walking

Lannigans Creek has recovered its wild character since reserved in  in 1968 in Kanangra-Boyd National Park. The creek banks are now covered in native Blackthorn (Bursaria spinosa) so you don't notice the nettles as much these days compared to the time when Bert and Myles walked up this creek.

Myles' 1914 map of 'The Peaks' was still as work in progress (can you find two question marks).

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