Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Day 6: Wednesday: 1 October 2014

Venn's Selection was bypassed by the Adventurers who climbed Misery Ridge after camping by the Kowmung River opposite the base of Megalith Ridge. Something to explore next time... (maybe there is a high sidling track along the valley all the way from Venns Hut down to Hatches Hollow...?)

The banks of the mighty Kowmung River, downstream of Megalith Ridge. 
Alex is carrying the Dungal Swag and he has a Lyrebird feather in his slouch hat.

Misery Ridge is actually nice walking, through steep. 100 years ago Myles Dunphy and Bert Gallop had to zig zagged up the first part of the ridge as their leather heeled shoes would not grip on the wet leaves and grass. The adventure walkers had a different experience in pleasant sunshine.

After lunch at Mathersons Swamp on the Uni Rover Trail, right where Myles and Bert struggled with navigation on the broad flat ridge between the swamp and Lost Rock, some of the party became a bit 'navigationally embarrassed.' After an exchange of cooee they were able to locate the others. The view from Lost Rock is not to be missed. Mount Colong dominates the scene like a sphinx. 

The Adventurers camped at the Uni Rover Trailhead. Warrick Mosman relates a story for Sierra Classen while video producer Gary Caganoff is behind the camera.

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