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Day 5: Tuesday: 30 September 2014

From Dingo Dell to the Kowmung River

From Myles journal.

Now came the hardest bit of the journey as we negotiated the west bank of the Kowmung, crossed the river in medium flood so we could climb the range opposite and avoid the river, even though we had come here to follow the Kowmung all the way to the Coxs. Well that was looking unlikely. 

Spot Tracker Map showing location of walkers on day 5. Live update on Spot.

Getting started at Dingo Dell.

Wyn Jones' paraphrasing Myles

This is were we camped and I am glad to say you wont have to – it was the worst spot ever. At this camp, I think you are in the lower part of the Morong Deep canyon. But we made the most of it and had a good dry camp until we went to bed and then it poured. But the Japara tent was a miracle keeping us dry. 

The camp looks just as tough.

Sierra and Alex tent

Reinforcing. The engineering on the toes was also impressive. Tape early and tape often.

Sierra getting strapped.

Morong Falls which Myles and Bert photographed from near this spot on Banshea Ridge.

Along part of this ridge there ran a rough fence at an altitude of over 3000ft. Having a rest at the top we could see the country for miles since the rain had stopped. “My hat! It was rough and wild and primeval.” 

Is it possible that the same framing trees as shown in Myles' shot below are in the picture above? 

Alex Allchin drinking from "Peatfields Creek" near where Myles and Bert camped just above the Kowmung River. 


Sierra Classen looking into Morong Deep from Megalith Ridge in Kanangra-Boyd National Park.

Wyn speaking for Myles

Understand that we only had leather soles which slipped easily on wet rock or grass. You, dear friends of the modern bushwalking era, have it easy now with sherpa soles and new fandangled gripping patterns, but great care is mandatory in this wild country. 

Sketch map of Myles route down Megalith ridge.

Sketch map of Megalith Ridge

Taking a breather.

Myles' 1914 illustration of a Megalith on Megalith ridge.

Megalith on Megalith Ridge

Look, its the Megalith of Megalith Ridge!        (Image copyright: Dave Noble)

Howling Dog Camp is this nights stop.

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