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Day 3: Cox River to Hollanders River Adventure Walk

The Paddy Pallin Era tent on the Black Range. Its a long climb from the Coxs River to the top of the Black Range.

Paddy Pallin tent on the Cox River

Alex Allchin and Sierra Classen at Carlotta Arch, Jenolan Caves. This feature amazed Myles Dunphy.

Ascending ridge to the east of Gingkin Spur from Jenolan Caves walking south towards the Hollanders River. Just like in 1914 the head guide led the party out from Caves House and pointed them to the track going up. However each member was not carrying 14lb of flour!

Here the ridge is surrmounted by some big limestone boulders sticking out of the ridge proper... the views were grand... away down below the seemingly small red-roofed cave house could be discerned, hemmed in by the tree covered mountain gorge sides we could see right up Jenolan River above the caves. The limestone cliffs there stood out boldly.

And now the adventure really begins, after crossing the Kanangra Walls Road they descended into the Hollanders River valley. In 1914 the valley contained large areas of "UNSURVEYED TERRITORY."

This trip fired our blood. We felt we were doing things in reality and we scanned our maps with the eyes of professionals. Ah! It is real life, despite the heavy swags.

Camp at the junction of the Hollanders River and Budthingeroo Creek. 

As Myles and Bert settled down in camp to dinner as darkness fell,

A slight breeze stirred the trees from which came the mysterious rustlings and murmurings common to all gum trees, accentuated by the still night and hardly noticed during the day.

Alex and Sierra putting up the Paddy Pallin Era tent at the Budthingaroo camp.

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